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The art of story telling and the written word. How it has enabled us to express ourselves and channel our emotions into creations.

Exploring the connection between art and nature. How we are influenced by the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Fashion enables us to manifest our individuality in its most prominent form. Innovation and reinvention set us apart, allowing creativity to pave the way.

Director/DP/Editor/Colourist: Isaac H. Madge

Artist: Francesco Berts ft. Anne Van Den Voogen

Starring: Lucy Elizabeth Anderson & Joe James

“‘Waves’ depicts the heart-wrenching story of a young couple, one of whom is suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Isaac Madge, the director of the video, manages to capture a thought-provoking portrayal of a true incident, according to Francesco, whose friend is the victim of this mental illness.” THE WEEKID.

Director/DP/Editor/Colourist: Isaac H. Madge


Starring: Daisy Mouatt & Matt Wakeford

Director/DP/Editor/Colourist: Isaac H. Madge

Composer: Francesco Berta

Starring: Liam Wright & Lucy Pratt

Writer/Director/DP/Editor: Isaac H. Madge

Starring: Harriet Hook & Matt Wakeford

Sound: Taylor Harvey

Hair & Make-Up: Rebecca Herniman

Costume: Jack Hopkins