I am a writer, director & filmmaker, passionate about low budget filmmaking and telling stories that really make an impact. With an ever need to learn, grow and improve my craft, I love to work with fellow creatives to produce individual & innovative film, to both inspire & captivate.

At a young age I found a love for storytelling and as I moved into my teenage years became captivated by moving image. Combining these two passions I began to create, finding a particular love for narrative filmmaking. Regardless of category or genre, my work comes back to the single stimulus - a passion for storytelling.  

Based in West Sussex & London, I have been working in film and media for the past three years, producing Music Videos, Promotional Videos, Documentaries, Short Films & Feature Films. I have been privileged to work with many talented and inspiring people and been fortunate to work on some incredible projects. As I continue to move forward with my work I hope to create exciting and brave content with fellow exciting and brave content creators.

Feel free to contact me and explore my portfolio and services. I love feedback and welcome input...

Isaac H.

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